About Us

Hi! Thanks for Visiting out The Sustainable Era!

Myself  Shruti Kulkarni is founder and creator of The Sustainable Era venture!I wanted to brief you about “The Sustainable Era’s” journey. So this is my attempt.

The Sustainable Era is about going Hand in Hand with nature, science and culture. Right from my childhood I had tons of questions about mankind, earth, world’s creator, etc. My first independent step  into a natural lifestyle began when I was searching “Sustainable Lifestyle” in  my childhood. After finding or not finding answers to those questions my next questions were about traditional lifestyle. When I got rational answers on those questions, it influenced me. Then onwards values and traditional lifestyle always attracted me like a magnet. Besides that Ayurveda and Environmental lifestyle were my topics of interests. I kept on asking, experiencing and experimenting on these topics and it helped me realizing wonders of life.

Later on I started searching for all the resources that can provide products aligned to sustainable lifestyle.Recently about a year ago I started thinking about executing my information about sustainable life style. And I decided to start an organization to execute all these activities under one roof.The main Aim of this organization is,

1. Utilizing / Re-utilizing natural resources
2. Living Eco friendly lifestyle
3. Spreading awareness of physical and mental health.

In  The Sustainable Era we are dedicated to guide you to go green, live simply, plentifully,  healthily, vigorously, StressFree, overwhelm without  wasting a lot of  time, energy, and/or money.We can live with Happy, Strong and Peace full mind, by examining our choices, our habits, our needs and by living in alignment with what brings us joy and connection (to Ourselves, Others, and the Earth).This organization helps to develop people’s consciousness about Sustainable Lifestyle by offering information and inspiration.

I am writing my thoughts as crunchy as they come into my mind.

Eventually I shared my ideas with my doctor friend Dr. Savita Band. As she was aware of the concept already, she liked it and agreed to walk with me in this Journey.

Fortunately we came across the first opportunity to exhibit our ideas and products in our First Exhibition in MIT College of Engineering, Pune in the month of February 2014. We got pretty good response although it was our first stride. We got opportunity for next exhibitions from Akshar Nandan School (S.B Rd.), one of the renowned school in Pune and SAS , an IT company in Magarpatta city, Pune in the month of May 2014. Also we conducted one sole Sustainable Era exhibition in Guruprasad Society (Left Bhusari, Paud Rd.Pune). After that we participated in one more exhibition in Dombiwali (First time outside of Pune) in the month of September 2014. We had a latest exhibition in Akashrnandan school (again) in October 2014.

We go to farmers, shops, vendors, GoShala (where cows are bought up) for researching more products which are aligned to Sustainable Era’s concept.
That’s it about our journey.........

Last but not the least my best teacher is my surrounding, which includes my Husband, Child, Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Relatives, Friends and also those who comes in my day to day life ).

The Sustainable Era confirms my upbringing and my intuition about Peace, Health and Nature.

आजची  नवीन पिढी आणि त्यांचे भविष्य कसे असणार आहे हे त्यांच्याशी संवाद साधताना किंवा त्यांच्या कृतीतून जाणवत.  ह्या   सगळ्यांना आणि इतरांना सुद्धा काही मुलभूत प्रश्न आहेत. आजच्या रोकठोक जगात मुख्यत: लहान मुले व तरुण पिढी आणि इतर सर्वानांच आपल्या व्यक्तिमत्वाचा , मतांचा  राहणीमानाचा विकास साधायचा आहे.

जीवन फुलावं , बहरावं आणि आनंदानी भरून जाव असा सगळ्यांना वाटत असत, पण तो आनंद स्वतःला , दुसऱ्याला  आणि निसर्गाला ओरबाडुन घेतला तर तो फार काळ  टिकणार नाही ही जाणीव जास्तीत जास्त लोकांन पर्यंत पोहचवावी. ह्या साठीचा हा प्रयत्न.